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Business Cards - Embossed (globoki tisk)

Premium business cards with intaglio or embossed printing!

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For intaglio printing (Embossed), also known as blind or embossed printing, it is characteristic that the selected graphic element bulges or concave under mechanical pressure.

As with thermal printing, intaglio printing requires the creation of a cliché.

Most often, we use the intaglio printing technique to emphasize the company's logo or slogan. The business cards look premium, unique and sophisticated.

With this technique, both single-sided and double-sided printing is possible, but when preparing a file, it is necessary to be aware that gravure printing on the other side of the paper leaves a slight trace.

Because of this, business cards with embossed printing are most often printed on one side, and in the case of double-sided printing, this fact must be taken into account in the design.

We recommend choosing 350 g / m2 of coated paper, but if you want even thicker or use a harder business card on 400 g / m2 coated or uncoated paper, which feels even harder to the touch.

However, you can also choose creative papers that will add a dot to the business card along with the intaglio print.

Business card formats are standard 85x54 mm, 90x50 mm, which are more elongated and square 50x50 mm. Of course, for those who do not want to be "standard in format", we can also make business cards to another measure.

Preparing a file for gravure printing is also very important. The selected graphic element is prepared in the file as a fifth - spot color, so that there will be no doubt what will be processed in intaglio on the business card.

A business card that you will be happy to give to a business partner or client!


The business card is one of the most powerful marketing tools, because with good and thoughtful preparation, it can bring constant sales results. Despite its small size, it plays an important role in presenting a company or individual to the market.

Therefore, before preparing a graphic, it is necessary to take the time to think carefully about how you want to present yourself on the market. It is important to tell your story with a business card and present yourself in your own unique way.

Business cards are usually cut to standard formats, which are 90x50 mm, 85x54 mm, 85x55 mm, 50x50 mm, few people opt for the second measure and even if they do, the deviations are minimal. In our offer you will also find round and delayed business cards.

The edges of business cards are generally cut at an angle, but you can opt for round edges, which are made by hand or with a tool on a diecut machine.

The fact is that the format does not play a big role in the visual effect, so those who want to stand out or be different, to achieve this goal, use other methods, which are mainly related to different ways of finishing business cards, such as lamination, hot foil printing, embossed printing, UV partial varnishing ...

Business cards are printed on either one or both sides. If you want to include more information and graphic elements on your business card, the second choice is more appropriate.

According to our experience, the category CLASSIC BUSINESS CARD could be used to describe a business card that is printed and laminated with matte lamination foil on both sides, on coated paper with a weight of 350 g / m2.

Business cards are less often laminated with Gloss lmination foil, which is chosen mainly by those who like a shiny effect.

For quite some time now, Soft-Touch lamination foil has also been very popular, which is visually matte, but looks velvety and sophisticated to the touch.

The papers used for printing business cards are coated, uncoated or recycled, in weights from 300 g / m2 to 400 g / m2, but can also be printed on t.i. creative - special - design papers.

These are papers that stand out either in color or texture. The range of these goes to infinity. Whoever chooses this paper definitely wants to be unique. Among the most popular are certainly metallized papers, which give the business card something more.

For a business card that “convinces”, it is necessary to meet several criteria, such as content, graphics, choice of paper...“

Of course, there are also various special effects with which we can achieve the WAU EFFECT. These are embossed printing, hot foil printing with metallized foil, 3D partial UV printing ...

Last but not least, it is necessary to point out the "business card sandwich" or Multiloft business cards, which are chosen by those who want a thicker business card. These are formed from several layers of paper, which are joined together under pressure.

Do you want your business card to be different from everyone else? Then choose unique plastic business cards that are durable and much more durable than regular paper business cards. PP material is available in white or transparent.

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