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Sewn binding

Brochures, books, annual reports, softcover publications (sewn with thread, glued), from 32 pages onwards. Choose the format that suits you!

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Thread sewing is a technological operation where a correctly placed book block is connected into a whole. The sewing machine sews a worn book block with the help of synthetic thread.

The machine first folds the individual bookbinding sheets in half and collects them in the correct order on the sewing saddle where the sewing takes place. From the lower side, the machine makes a hole with a piercing needle, through which a crochet hook and a needle with thread enter from the upper side.

When the needle and the hook are inside the sheet, the carrier transfers the thread from the needle to the hook. The crochet hook rotates 180 ° and thus makes a knot that allows the thread to be tightened and thus also to connect the individual bookbinding poles.

The needle and crochet are then returned from the sheet and the same process continues with the next bookbinding sheet.

When the last bookbinding sheet in the book block is sewn, the thread separates and the sewing of the new bookbinding block begins.
The stitching process follows, in which the stitching machine applies hot glue (Hotmelt) to the back of the book block, grooves the cover (4x) on the other side and assembles and glues them together. The brochure is then trimmed from three pages to the final format.

Brochures are usually printed on coated or uncoated offset paper, which can also be bulky or 100% recycled, with a range from 32 pages onwards, up to +700 pages, or a maximum book block thickness of 50 mm.

The cover of the brochure is printed on thicker papers - cardboard, with the option of laminating foil and 3D partial varnishing. If desired, the cover is extended with flaps.

The advantage of binding sewn with thread is in durability of the brochure, as the sheets cannot fall out with this binding and is thus suitable for more durable products, which are often in use and often open.

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