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Catalogues (Staple binding)

Catalogs, booklets, magazines, notebooks tied in the back with wire, 8 to 80 pages. Choose the format that suits you!

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Catalogues of your products or for example, a magazine about the activities and achievements of your company are an important promotional tool. We help you make your catalogs or magazines really proud of you. Digital printing even allows you to customize each copy individually - personalize, while offset printing allows you to print top quality catalogs and magazines at a very affordable price and distribute them in large numbers among customers, business partners or your members.

Catalogs and magazines are usually printed on sophisticated coated paper and are available in all standard formats. Of course, you also have a choice of uncoated and 100% recycled papers in all standard weights.

Sewing with wire or saddle stiched, in which the book block in the back is fastened twice with a metal clip, is suitable for publications from 8 pages onwards, up to 80 pages. It should be noted that the maximum thickness of the publication in the back should not exceed 4 mm! In this case, thinner paper should be selected.

For the most part, catalogs are printed with a thicker cover. Thus, you have the option of choosing coated, uncoated and recycled cartons from 200 g / m2 onwards. With a thicker cover, the printed matter is more compact. Our recommendation is to select this option whenever there are more than 36 pages.

We also advise you that the cover of the catalog is additionally laminated with matt or glossy protective foil, and with the option of choosing 3D partial UV varnish, you will definitely achieve the WOW effect.

Ordering catalogs in digital printing is possible from 10 pieces onwards, up to 500 pieces, and if your circulation is more than 500 pieces, you have the option of choosing classic offset printing, where you can order editions of up to 25,000 pieces.

Choose the format that suits you and proceed to the calculation of the cost of printing, and order your catalog easily online!

Quality and fast printing, and binding of all types of booklets, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, proceedings ...


Did you know that the oldest surviving book was written in China in 868? For each of its pages, they cut out a wooden board or cliché on which was a mirror image of the text. By rubbing, they imprinted the imprint deep into the paper. The first books of woodcuts, known as woodcut books, spread mainly in the 14th century. They were made of folded and sewn sheets.

How to decide which binding to choose?


The most important factor in choosing a binding is the number of sheets or pages of a book block. If the book block has e.g. less than 32 pages, only binding with a metal spiral or sewing with wire or staple (notebook) is possible.

When the book block exceeds 80 pages or. the thickness of the back is greater than approx. 4 mm, wire binding is technically impossible to make due to the excessive thickness of the back. Even in the case of choosing a spiral binding, the thickness of the back is limited to a maximum of 23 mm.

For larger publications from 32 pages onwards, a soft cover is available. There are two ways to make a soft binding. In the first method of soft binding, the back of the book block is cut and glued to the cover, in the second method of soft binding, which provides a more durable binding, the book block is first sewn with thread or. thread and then glued to the cover. Both methods of soft binding are available from approx. 32 pages onwards, up to 800 pages or more, or up to a maximum back thickness not exceeding 50 mm.

If the printed matter is intended for rare or occasional reading, then choose a soft binding by milling and gluing, but if there is a requirement for more durable printed matter, which is often used, then we suggest a binding in which the book block is sewn with thread. In the end, opt for a cover, which can be made of cardboard (soft binding) or cardboard (hard binding).

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