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Pants & Shoes

Very airy work long or sporty-looking shorts with the possibility of embroidery.

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Personalized printing of promotional clothing for greater brand or company recognition.


To successfully promote a brand or company, the choice of print on clothing is certainly one of the most commonly chosen ways of promotion.

With the help of impressive fashion clothing and accessories from renowned brands, you can help yourself and upgrade your marketing efforts.

When it comes to raising brand awareness, many companies today focus almost exclusively on digital marketing and social media.

It is necessary to point out the fact that with the help of textile printing, you will certainly greatly increase the visibility of the company and consequently increase sales and profits.

Textile printing is a cost-effective and easy way to advertise your business, so we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity as well.

Whether personalized clothes are worn by your employees or clothes are distributed as promotional gifts, you will achieve the desired result with them.

The offer of promotional textile products suitable for direct printing is increasing day by day due to the flexibility of digital printing technology.

In addition to simple T-shirts and polo shirts, you can also think of digital printing or embroidery on sweaters, cardigans, vests, winter jackets, hats, pants ...

There are countless opportunities for promotion with the help of personalized textile products, you can distribute them for free, e.g. at sporting events, events, fairs, seminars ...

The key point to remember when printing on clothes is the quality of printing materials and the quality of printing, as people will wear clothes or products only if they are of sufficient quality, comfortable and attractive.

At the Demago Print printing house, we take textile printing seriously and use the most modern machines and quality materials to ensure the best results.

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