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Picture hanging system

A great solution for hanging framed art paintings!

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For your pictures and photos to truly shine in their beauty, they need to be displayed properly.

The Artiteq picture hanging system is a universal wall or ceiling hanging system, which is popular mainly for its easy installation, elegant appearance, quick use and replacement of pictures, and general usability.

It is suitable for hanging paintings in libraries, corridors, offices, exhibition spaces, living spaces, galleries, etc.

We have slats in white or silver, 300 cm long for wall or ceiling mounting with a load capacity of up to 20 kg / m.

6-8 beams or connectors are required for the length of 1 slat.

In the case of connecting several lengths together, the beams also perform the function of a connector.

In principle, the beams are mounted in a straight line at a distance of approx. 40 cm.

The beams are of two types, namely for flat (relatively smooth) or uneven walls (with pronounced plaster and minor deviations).

The offer also includes perlon hangers and hangers of various capacities.

Take advantage of the Artiteq image hanging system!

With the help of attractive tools for visual communication to greater visibility!

Outdoor marketing is one of the most effective tools to increase the visibility of a product, service or business.

With the help of attractive stands and devices for informing the audience, you can easily and quickly achieve interaction with the target audience.

Unlike advertisements on television or radio, this method of advertising cannot be turned off, because the products are always in the same location and thus require the attention of passers-by on a daily basis.

You need to be aware that the more people see your advertising message, the greater the chance that people will recognize you and when they need your service, they will definitely visit you.

Demago Print printing house offers a wide selection of advertising aids for visual communication outdoors or indoors.

The most important thing to remember if you want to make a good impression on your audience is that quality comes first.

When people see products either on the street or at a corporate event, they expect vibrant colors, smooth lines, and exceptional print.

Our solutions for this type of advertising include quality products from renowned manufacturers.

So you can choose between roll-up stands of various qualities and dimensions, Beach-flags, Tension Banner stands of attractive shapes, banner stands, A-stands, nice aluminum stands for fixing printed boards from Forex, Stadur ...

Let us also highlight the possibility of choosing and purchasing attractive light Pixlip Led frames or LED stands, by printing your advertising message!

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