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Etikete na roli

Etikete na roli za strojno etiketiranje ali etikete na roli za ročno apliciranje? Izsekovanje s klasičnim orodjem (štanco) ali CNC digitalni izsek? Izberite skupino, ki vam ustreza!

Roll labels are definitely one of the most desired adhesive products!


We decide to print labels on a roll when the labels are applied to the products with a labeling machine, but of course the labels from the roll can also be glued to the products by hand.

The purpose of using labels is very wide, they are most often used as wine labels or labels for bottles, bottles, labels for food or food products, cosmetics labels, labels for tar packaging and sleeves, packaging, safety, warning, promotional labels ...

To choose the right labels, we must follow certain functional and quality criteria, on the basis of which we can correctly decide which type of printing, material and finishing is most suitable.

In the phase of determining the implementation, it is crucial to obtain information on: the purpose of the label, any legal regulations related to the scope of the label, the life of the product or label on it, labeling conditions, primary product packaging ...

At Demago Print printing house, we offer you a professional and high-quality service of printing labels from a roll up to a width of 330 mm, with a maximum width of 305 mm and a maximum length of 630 mm.

In addition to color CMYK printing, digital printing technology also allows us to print in white, which is possible on transparent or metallized materials.

We have a wide selection of self-adhesive materials for printing, namely coated papers, uncoated structured paper for bottles, synthetic transparent, metallized or white PP and PET self-adhesive materials. For most of the printing materials, it is also possible to choose different combinations of adhesives.

For additional protection of the print against abrasion and surface damage, the labels can also be UV varnished or laminated.

As the name suggests, the labels on the roll are wound on narrower rolls, so they must be cut out or cut into the desired shape or dimension before winding on the roll.

The punching of labels is therefore a key part of finishing, with which we determine the final shape or dimension of the label and thus separate it from the base.

The classic die-cutting is performed on a rotary die-cut machine, with the help of a punching tool or a magnetic punch, which cuts the final shape into the material by pressing into the self-adhesive material.

This is followed by the process of separating the excess material (net), cross-cutting and rewinding the labels on rolls of suitable width. As it is a modular machine, the labels can also be laminated, varnished or refined by applying partial varnish and hot foil.

The biggest advantage of die-cut labels finished with a punching tool is certainly the speed of the machine, so this method of finishing is suitable for smaller, medium and higher loads of approx. 1000 pieces onwards.

We already have more than 700 free cutting tools available, of various shapes and dimensions, but if you do not find the desired dimension, we can make a new cutting tool for you at an additional cost.

To make it easier to find the dimensions, the labels on the roll are divided into four subgroups: rectangular, oval, square and round.

Choose the shape and position of the label on the roll and continue shopping online!

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