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Promo wall - Impact

Freestanding portable promotional walls with excellent print and portable case.

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Impact Hop-up promotional walls are lightweight and foldable portable constructions, for displaying an advertising message from the front.

Graphics printed on light textile material are mounted on the structure with the help of connecting pins and are attached to the structure even when the system is folded in a carrying case, which allows a very quick and easy installation.

Freestanding Impact Hop-up promotional walls are available in four standard dimensions up to a width of 500 cm, and the curved Curved model in two dimensions.

For all models, the promotional wall is available for easy transport with a portable suitcase on wheels and printing on fireproof B1 textiles.

Choose the size that suits you and continue buying.

Advertising accessories for effective presentation at fairs, congresses or seminars!


With the help of mobile advertising gadgets, your appearance at fairs, conferences or seminars will definitely be more successful.

Customized advertising aids effectively help to attract the attention of passers-by to the presented products and services offered by your company.

By using personalized trade show gadgets in your company’s colors, you have the opportunity to attract curious customers, encourage them to buy products, use them to promote and give information, tell stories, support your sales team in sales, and more.

Our offer includes various types of promotional walls, promotional counters, tables, ceilings, which we of course print with graphics according to your wishes.

For most of the products in our offer, we use textile material for printing, which is very easy to transport and takes up very little space.

Explore our website and equip a sales space that will create the greatest impression on your target audience!

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