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General information

» Where can I find you?
The headquarters of Demago d.o.o. is located at Ptujska cesta 54, Maribor, Slovenia!

» How to contact us?
If you have questions about the preparation of files, about our products or services we offer, about the status of your order, first check the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), as this will help you find the answers to most questions.

If you do not find the answer to your question, you can contact us in several ways:

  • write us on E-mail
  • ask a question via online form - live support
  • request callback
  • call us on telephone number +386 59 934 933 or +386 41 625 157

Our customer support team and file preparation experts are always ready to help you answer your question!

We are available for you every working day from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm. By prior arrangement, taking over the order is also possible outside working hours!

Note: if you need the product urgently, you can call the emergency number +386 51 378 444 outside working hours.

We can, but it is desirable that we agree on the exact time-hour in advance, because that is the only way we can fully dedicate ourselves to you!

In the company Demago d.o.o. we are aware of social responsibility and try in every way to help various charitable institutions or individuals. Since we have been operating, we have been present as a sponsor in many projects or charity events.

Since there are many such requests, of course we can not respond to each, but if you have a charitable initiative or write us a project and we will get in touch with you, and try to help you with your event.

Note: send your application to the e-mail address: dejan(at)!

Printable files

It is also important for quality printing that your print file is suitable for this. If you are preparing a print file yourself and have no experience with it, keep the following in mind:

  1. Color; always save the print file in CMYK color space

  2. File type; save the print file in PDF format!

  3. Bleed and Margins; in the print file, note the cut-off allowance (Bleed, +3 mm) and the offset from the cutting edges (Margins, min. 3 mm!).

  4. Resolution; raster images used in the file should have sufficient resolution (min 150 dpi, max 300 dpi).

  5. Format; always prepare your print file in the correct 1: 1 format, with the exception of large format print files (eg. prepare a Jumbo poster in 1:10 scale).

  6. Fonts; export the fonts you use in the file to PDF with the embedded fonts function or convert them to curves. We recommend that you save the file using the PDF: X3 / 2002 standard.

  7. Other requirements; for each product on the Price Calculation subpage, you will find printing templates and any additional requirements to consider when preparing the file!

Read more about preparing files here

Send us print file via the FTP form. The FTP form opens for you in the shopping process, in step 4. It is recommended that you submit the print file together with the order. You can send up to 15 files at a time via the FTP form.

To send files larger than 600 MB, you can also send us a file via Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google drive ...

If you want to submit the file later, you can do so by clicking on the FTP button (right on your monitor in the auxiliary navigation).

if you send the file later or the next day we have the right to change the date of production.

» What is a test print?
he test print (Match-print, Proof-print, Best-print) is a color printout on a special standardized paper, which is printed with a 6-color inkjet printer. Each test print is printed with a Fogra wedge (Ugra / Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0a), which is measured after printing with an instrument to determine the accuracy of the test print. Based on the measured data, a standardized test footprint is obtained (ISO 12647-7: 2016). Before printing a test print, we need information on what type of print and paper you want to simulate.

» What is a sample print?
A sample is a print of your file on the desired paper, which we print with a digital printer on which your printed matter will be printed. Making a sample only makes sense in the case of an order that will be printed with a digital printer. If you order a larger quantity of printing (offset printing), making a pattern is pointless. For the simulation of offset printing, only the production of a test print is relevant: Proof-print!

» What is the difference between a sample print and a test print?
Making a sample print is basically faster and cheaper, while making a test print is more expensive due to more complex fabrication. Also, the test print is standardized, which means that the colors are printed correctly.

» What is the price of a test print?
The price of making a standardized test print (ISO 12647-7: 2016), in A3 format is 35 € + VAT.

» What is the price of the sample?
You can order a sample at this link

» What is color?
Color is not a physical property, such as length or mass. The term color always refers to a particular visual experience or experience. Color is a feeling, just like a smell or a taste, for example. The presence of light is essential in color perception. Until the objects are illuminated, we do not see them. If they are poorly lit, we perceive only shape and differences in brightness, that is, tones; only if they are sufficiently illuminated do we also detect their colors. The light is invisible, for if we saw it, it would blind the eyes itself, and we would see nothing. We only see light if it is absorbed, reflected or radiated by other substances.

» What is CMYK?
CMYK stands for Color Space, which consists of 4 process colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It is used by all modern printing machines.

» What is RGB?
RGB stands for color space, which consists of three colors: RED, GREEN, BLUE. RGB color space is used by devices such as: monitor, television, digital camera, scanners ...

» What is Pantone?
Pantone is a standardized color system created due to different standards around the world and aims to prevent color mismatch no matter where the client and contractor are from. In the Pantone scale, a certain code means a certain shade of color without deviation. Pantone color is usually printed in offset printing as the fifth color CMYK + PANTONE.

» What is IndiChrome+?
HP IndiChrome + is printing with standard CMYK process colors, to which we add three additional colors (CMYK + Orange + Violet + Green), which significantly increases the color range of printing and thus achieves matching up to 90% of colors from the Pantone scale.

» Can I send the file in Microsoft Office programs?
The only file suitable for printing is a PDF file. If nothing else, you can send the file in Microsoft Office programs, we will make the change to PDF with us, but unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any errors in converting the file!

» What do the items in your offer mean: print 4/0, print 4/4, print 4/1?

  • 4/0 - printed in 4 colors-full color (CMYK) on one side of the paper (digital printing)
  • 4/4 - printed in 4 colors-full color (CMYK) on both sides of the paper (digital printing)
  • 4/1 - printed in 4 colors-full color (CMYK) on one side of the paper and black and white on the other (digital printing)
  • 1/0 - printed in black and white on one side of the paper (digital printing)
  • 1/1 - printed in black and white on both sides of the paper (digital printing)
  • 2/0 - printed from two process colors (offset printing)
  • 3/0 - printed from three process colors, or two + PANTONE (offset printing)
  • 5/5 - printed in 4 colors-full color (CMYK) + PANTONE on both sides of the paper (offset printing)
  • 4 + OVG / 0 = printed in 4 colors-full color + Orange + Violet + Green on one side
  • 44 + OVG / 4 + OVG = printed in 4 colors-full color + Orange + Violet + Green on one side on both sides

» What do “Bleed” mean?
»"Living edge" means that the surface of the print extends completely to the edge of the printed matter. Since it is not possible to trim completely without the appearance of white edges, another 3 millimeters of "bleed" is always added.

» What is “Margin”?
"Margins" - the deviation of the contents (texts, images, ...) from the final edge of the cut should be min. 3-5 mm. If the contents are too close to the edge of the cut, they may be inadvertently cut off when cut (the possibility is greater in double-sided printed matter).

» What are the formats that you can print in digital technology?
In digital printing, it is possible to print on a paper-printing sheet of 750x530 mm format (various weights). The size of the print on the polo is 730x510 mm. So, we can print all formats no larger than 730x510 mm.
The minimum file format should not be less than 30x30 mm.

» What are the formats you can print in XXL digital technology?
We use inkjet printers for larger formats. The width of the medium is limited to 500 cm and the length is practically unlimited. If the format of your file is larger than 500 cm, some media can be "welded" to each other, so we can achieve even greater width. XXL UV printing on flat-rigid substrates (Forex, DiBond, Perspex, Kapafix ...) are limited to max. format 200x300 cm.

» What are the formats that you can print in the offset technique?
In the offset technique, we print on a printing sheet up to the B1 format, the pure cropped format is max. 980x680 mm.

» Can you also print in two colors?
Yes, but only in offset technique, and digital printing allows printing in only one color - BLACK (BW printing) or 4 CMYK colors (color printing).

» What is a raster or vector image?
A raster image (jpg, tif, png ...) is an image composed of a series of bits that form a pixel (dot). Quantities of such pixels form colored dots, and these show us the image. The vector notation gives the image with the help of geometric figures (shape, line thickness) and the color of these. The vector image can be arbitrarily reduced or enlarged without losing the image quality, as in the case of a raster image.

Ordering process

The online printing house Demago Print guarantees 100% satisfaction with the product! We guarantee this with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, as we have satisfied many clients such as associations, agencies, individuals with the quality of printing in the last 10 years.

If you are not satisfied with the product, we will reprint the product for free, or we will simply refund your payment.

» What should I do if I am not satisfied with the product?
If you are not satisfied with the product, let us know via E-mail. In the E-mail, describe what is the issue with product and attach a photo.

Based on the description of the complaint and the photo of the product, we will offer you three options:

  1. We will print the product for free again as soon as possible
  2. We will offer you a 10% discount on the product
  3. We will refund full amount of the purchase

You can read more at this link: 100% satisfaction

Purchasing online is easy. It takes place in 4 basic steps:

  1. Product selection
  2. Price calculation and choice of production date
  3. Shopping basket - delivery address and payment method
  4. FTP - upload files for printing

1. Product selection
ou can search for products in two different ways, namely in the main menu, where the products are arranged in groups, or with the help of a search engine in which you enter the product name.

2. Price calculation and production deadline
Once you have found the product, it needs to be configured on the price calculation subpage. Each product has a choice of options (paper weight, printing method, possible finishes ...). Once you have selected the options, select the desired edition or quantity of product. In the Production deadline when you need the product field, click on the Add to shopping basket button to continue the order.

3. Shopping basket
In the cart, you will have to choose the method of payment and delivery address in case you do not pick up the package at the company's headquarters.

4. FTP
As soon as you have completed the order, an FTP window will open where you can upload your files for printing. When the files are transferred to our server, you will receive a confirmation to your E-mail that the files have been successfully transferred.

You can see a more detailed description of the shopping process at this link: Ordering procedure »

» What is the status of the order?
The order status module enables registered users to monitor production or information on the stage of the order. The application displays real-time information.

» What it means?

  • Accepted - order has been added to the queue
  • Print - order has been executed and printed
  • Finishing - order is in the finishing phase
  • Completed - order is complete and awaiting shipment (personal collection or delivery by post)
  • Pending - order for which we did not receive payment, file to print or print file is not suitable.

You can read more at this link: Order status

You can change the online order if it has not yet been created-printed. Notify us of the change immediately by e-mail or contact us by phone.

You can cancel an online order, but if your ordered product has already been made, you are obliged to pay the amount of the order, even if you do not take it over.

If you do not find the product you need in the online print shop, you can send us an inquiry at:

  • E-mail - info(at)
  • fill out the form at this  link

Payment methods and invoices

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Payment by proforma invoice: as soon as you place an order, the web application automatically sends you a pro forma invoice in PDF format (attached) with payment information. You can make the payment via the online bank, at the bank or at the post office. When the payment of the pro forma invoice arrives on our account, the delivery process starts within the agreed deadline.

  • Cash On Delivery: the ordered goods are sent to you by post (Pošta Slovenije) and upon delivery you pay the full amount for the ordered goods. The costs of payment after collection are borne by the customer!

  • Payment in cash upon receipt: payment in cash upon receipt can be made at the company's headquarters in Maribor (Slovenia), where the purchase price is paid in full upon receipt of goods, during working hours from Mon-Fri, between 8.00 and 16.00 or by prior arrangement outside working hours.

  • Credit card: you can pay with MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express ... American Express...

  • Payment by PPA e-invoice: valid for budget users / public administration

  • Payment due: applies to companies that have a contract with us!

Note: Online payment is made through the Braintree system ( ).
All payment information is forwarded directly to the Payment Service Providers and further to the banks, so we never see this information and therefore do not have it stored in our database. All communication, both between customers and the system, takes place via secure channels created with 128-bit SSL technology, 3-D Secure.

» Do you have a discount for larger orders?
The price of the product decreases depending on the print run (quantity) - the larger the ordered quantity, the lower is the unit price. Also, all your purchases through the web application are added up and automatically create coupons or discounts that you can use for the following orders.

You can read more about E-coupons at this link

» Do you have any discount for resale?

For companies or individuals involved in the marketing of products from our program, we offer so called Demago PRO package, which works on the principle that the more you order, the more you get!

You can read more about the Demago PRO package at this link

You will receive an invoice for the service within 3-4 working days from the shipment of your order to your address. You will receive the invoice on your E-mail, which you provided when registering. If you wish, we can also send you an invoice by post.

In the event that you pick up your order in person and pay for it in cash, we will issue you an invoice immediately.

You can access all your orders and invoices via the My Account interface, where you can also download and print the invoice! However, you can contact us and we will send you the invoice again via e-mail.

You can change your account payer information. In this case, contact us or send your wish to E-mail: luka(at)

If there is an unfortunate event that you have paid for your order twice, let us know immediately. We will refund your money to your account immediately after reviewing your posted payments. In practice, this is 1-2 working days.

» Sale of goods in Slovenia
Demago d.o.o. is identified as a legal entity for the payment of VAT, which means that we issue an invoice with a prescribed general tax rate of 22% for the supply of goods or services.

» Sales of goods in the EU
The company Demago d.o.o., provides all services in Slovenia (Maribor and Ljubljana). When selling goods and services to legal entities abroad (EU Member States) that are identified by a valid tax number, we do not charge the prescribed tax rate of 22%.


Delivery by post is carried out through our contractual partner POŠTA SLOVENIJE. The cost of delivery-postage is calculated before the completion of the online order, so that after the payment you have no additional costs (except in the case of payment on delivery + the cost of Pošta Slovenije).

The price of delivery-postage depends on the weight of the package and is automatically calculated and added to the ordered products in the process of ordering the product.

Note: products of larger dimensions are delivered by our own transport. In this case, we will inform you in advance and coordinate the delivery date.

We deliver to all countries of the European Union, and by prior agreement we can also deliver the package outside the EU!

Note: before sending the package to countries outside the EU, contact us so we can coordinate the cost of delivery!

» Production deadline
All products in the online printing house have 3 different production dates, which you determine yourself in the shopping process. Date of manufacture or. the date of dispatch is the day on which the product is manufactured and delivered to the delivery service.
Delivery of packages is expected to take place in Slovenia on the next working day between 9.00 - 11.00, delivery to Croatia and Austria is expected to take 2-3 working days, and delivery to other EU countries can take up to 5 working days.

» Package tracking:

As soon as we have created your order, you will receive a notification on your E-mail that your order has been completed. You will also find a tracking number (CF) in the message, with which you can track your package (T&T) via the web application. (T&T). You can also find order information in the MY ACCOUNT tab.

the selected production date and delivery to your address is valid in the event that your order has been settled, if this is not the case, the delivery date may change.

Delivery can be extended in emergency situations (weather, New Year's holidays ...), which unfortunately we have no influence on and we do not take any responsibility for that!

If your order was not delivered as you expected, there may be several reasons for this:

  • print file is unsuitable - as soon as we find out that we cannot print the product from your file, we will immediately notify you via E-mail or call you over the phone;

  • your order was not paid before delivery - in case of choosing payment by proforma invoice, please pay the proforma invoice on the same working day or no later than the next working day;

  • delivery service is delayed - 99% of packages are delivered on time, so no worries. In our experience, occasional delays may occur in December, so we suggest that you place your order as early as possible a day in advance;

  • the delivery service was at your address when you were not at home - check your mailbox and pick up your package at the nearest post office with a notice.

Note: Demago d.o.o. cannot take any responsibility for the delay caused by the delivery service!

» Can I change the delivery address?
if you have already placed an order and want to change the delivery address, send us a new delivery address by e-mail. If your order is not yet completed, we will change the delivery address.

Unfortunately, we cannot change your address if the order has already been completed. In this case, contact our customer support and we will do our best to get the package to the desired address as soon as possible.

» What is the shipping cost?
The cost or delivery price is calculated based on the weight of the ordered package according to the price list of the delivery service. The weight of an individual product and the delivery price are shown for each product on the Price calculation subpage and is for shipping in Slovenia from € 3.90 + VAT onwards.

If you make a purchase of several products at the same time, the weight of all products together will be added to the basket, in which case you will pay the delivery price based on the total weight of the ordered products, regardless of the number of packages.

Each package that is shipped and sent to your address is equipped with a sticker "More careful handling of the service", however, the package may be damaged due to mishandling.

If you receive a damaged package, you can choose to:

  • you do not pick up the package and request a complaint report (the package will be returned to our address);
  • you pick up the package and contact us after reviewing the content (in this case we will arrange a visit for a Post Office representative who will make a complaint report).

In the event of an unpleasant event, we will find the best solution together.

Note: Demago d.o.o. in no case is it liable for damage caused during transport!

Printing technology

In the production process of printing we use the most modern machines or printing techniques. To make it easier to understand, printing technologies will be divided into two main groups:

  1. Digital printing
  2. Classic offset printing

Digital printing is a printing technique in which the printing machines are controlled by a computer (RIP), which means that there is no cost of preparing films and plates, as printing works similarly to a home printer, so the file is printed on the desired material using software (Print driver) that controls the printer.

Basically, digital printers can be divided into two subgroups:
laser production printers (toner, electro ink) and ink-jet printers (water, UV, Latex, UV-Gel, eco solvent, sublimation inks, ...)

Laser printers achieve high resolutions (1200x4800 dpi) and are basically intended for printing commercial printed matter on papers of various weights from 90-450g / m2 (Sheetfed presses) and printing on self-adhesive materials from roll to roll (Webfed presses).

With Ink-jet printers we can print on various materials that are wound on rolls - XXL large format roll printers (paper, self-adhesive vinyl foils, tarpaulin, textiles, ...) with the possibility of printing up to a width of 500 cm and so called Flatbed UV printers, which offer printing on flat surfaces such as cardboard, PVC panels (Forex, Perspex, Akylite ...), aluminum, wood, glass ... Because the printer allows printing up to a height of 10 cm, we can also print directly on objects such as coolers, USB sticks, diaries, ...

For textile printing on clothes we use sublimation printers using sublimation water-based inks that are fixed to the material at high temperatures. With the printer we can print on textile materials from a roll up to a width of 320 cm.
Our offer also includes direct printing on textiles (DTG) such as T-shirts, hats, hoodies ....

Offset printing is printing on a classic printing machine using printing plates. We recommend it when you want to print larger quantities of printed matter or when you want to print up to B1 format. One of the essential advantages of offset printing is that it is significantly cheaper than digital printing in large editions.


More information at this link

» Do you print on FSC certified papers?
Most of the papers we print on are FSC certified. In our offer you will also find 100% recycled papers (Impact natural).

» What is FSC?
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international and non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management. It issues certificates for forests and products that respect the principles of sustainability. The FSC promotes sustainable, environmentally friendly, economically acceptable and socially just management.

These rules for obtaining a certificate include:

  • prohibition of reckless conversion of natural forests into other intended uses,
  • prohibits the use of genetically modified trees,
  • prohibits the use of highly hazardous pesticides,
  • respect for the rights of the indigenous population (natives),
  • full compliance with the law,
  • special treatment and adapted forest management, which are of special importance and need protection.


» Other printing materials
At Demago, we do our best to interfere with the natural environment as little as possible with our actions, so we try to include both materials and technology in our work process, which is basically “green”. The purchase of printing materials from our side is always well thought out, as we only work with renowned brands.
We are also making efforts in the field of purchasing printing machines and are constantly updating our machine park with modern machines. It often happens that we are the first or among the first in the procurement of new technologies not only in the region but also in the EU.

You can read more about printing materials at this link

Graphic design

» What is graphic design?
Graphic design is a form of expression and communication. For the company, this means a way of communicating with the target audience (business partners, existing and potential customers, employees, etc.). How successful a company is, for example, when it exposes its activity, product or service to potential customers, depends a lot on the good graphic image of the presentation
(promotional) material. The graphic designer will highlight the competitive advantages of the product with various graphic approaches, visual elements, colors and layout of texts and make sure that the reader has a good, positive feeling when reading and reviewing the material.


» What are corporate identity elements?
Corporate identity is a visual structure of promotional material that completes the document and connects it into a whole with color combinations, various image and other graphic elements and specific typography. Elements are therefore individual parts that form the whole presentation and become characteristic of a specific promotion, product, service or the company itself.


» Do you offer graphic design services?
Demago does not offer graphic design services! Because we want to help you in this area as well, we have developed a special E-market application for this purpose, which can be found at this link: E-Market. In the application, you will be able to quickly and easily choose a graphic designer that suits your needs.


» KHow does a graphic design order work?
In the "E-market" tab, you will choose a graphic designer that suits your wishes and needs. On its presentation subpage, you will click on the "contact" button, enter your request in the form and send it to the designer. This way you will get in direct contact with him and agree on the details of the collaboration.

» What are the production deadlines?
If the graphic designer does not specifically highlight this information in his / her presentation, you will agree on this in direct communication when you send him / her your request.


» What is the price of graphic design?
Each graphic designer has their own approximate hourly rate. He will be able to publish this information in his offer on the presentation page. Of course, you will also be able to discuss the price with him.


» How do I pay for this service?
Payment options are determined by each graphic designer. If he does not state this on the website, you will be able to fix them with him later.


» What if I’m not happy with the service?
We recommend that you discuss this with him in advance. The app on the website also gives you the opportunity to express your satisfaction with the designer and rate him appropriately. The possibility of evaluating and expressing an opinion (experience) will certainly encourage designers to quality and reliability, on the other hand, it will help inquirers in their choice.

Do you have a question?

We are here to help you!

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