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Uploading files

Is your file correctly prepared for printing? Check it out and upload it!

Is your file suitable for printing? Do not forget:

1. Prepares the file in the correct format

2. Crop allowance (Bleed)

3. Consider a safe area (Margin)

4. Image resolution min 150 dpi, CMYK color space...

How to properly prepare a file? Read more

Required information

The message will be delivered with a file that you will upload to our server!

Uploading files

File formats we accept: PDF, JPG, TIFF, ZIP, RAR.

Optimal format for printing is PDF!

The maximum file size to send to our FTP server is 600 MB.

You can send up to 15 files at a time to an FTP server.

When all files have been successfully uploaded to the server, you will receive a notification to your E-mail address!

To send files larger than 600 MB, you can use Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google drive ...

Please check the validity of the print file before sending (FAQ).
If you have already sent the file and found that it is not suitable, you can delete the file from the server or let us know immediately.

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