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PVC Stickers: Floor foil

Anti-slip floor stickers with which you can point the customer in the right direction!

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With attractive floor stickers in the form of your logo, product photo or a striking message, you can easily bring or. you direct passers-by to the point of sale, office or bar and thus increase sales.

Special foils for the decoration of floor walking surfaces are suitable for advertising indoors, such as shopping malls, pharmacies, workshops, banks, public transport, and can also be used outdoors, namely on walking or driving surfaces such as parking lots or sidewalks.

From our offer you can choose floor stickers for indoor use - Indoor and floor sticker StreetRap, which is specially designed for gluing to outdoor surfaces - Outdoor, such as asphalt, concrete, pavers ...

Floor stickers for indoor use are laminated with anti-slip (certificate DIN 51130 and BS 7976-2: 2002), lightly structured, matt protective foil, thickness 125 microns and are available in two quality classes (3 or 6 months). The service life of floor stickers in high-load public spaces can be up to 9 months.

For business premises with less loads, the lifespan of the floor foil can be up to three years.

Street Rap floor sticker is intended for gluing to asphalt or concrete exterior surfaces.

Foil with a very strong bitumen adhesive, applied to the surface with the help of an industrial blow dryer, the service life of the foil with compatible lamination is at medium loads of 3-6 months.

Like all other stickers, we can also cut floor stickers into any shape!

Choose a suitable floor sticker and calculate the exact price for your next project!

Large format printing of self-adhesive foils for indoor or outdoor use!

Self-adhesive print foils are suitable for printing larger advertising messages, which can be applied to virtually all surfaces, both outdoors and indoors.

Demago Print printing house offers the highest quality self-adhesive foils from the world's leading manufacturers such as Mactac, Intercoat, Avery, ... Materials are available in rolls up to 130 or 160 cm wide and up to 50 rm or more in length.

For printing larger labels, we use so-called large-format (LFP) ink jet printers, with which it is possible to print up to a width of 162 cm.

In the work process, we use health-friendly colors (GREENGUARD GOLD certificate), which are suitable for applying products indoors. Latex and UV Gel printing technology thus meets the strictest global standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) indoors.

Self-adhesive materials are cut on CNC machines, which ensures an accurate cut to the desired dimension or a contour cut into any shape.


Self-adhesive white print foil

The most commonly chosen foil is definitely the white print foil, which can be applied to almost any smooth surface. Depending on the complexity and shape of the surface we want to cover, we decide on a quality class of foil.

There are three quality classes available, namely monomer (for flat surfaces), polymer (for slightly curved surfaces) and cast (for curved surfaces).

Monomeric foils are the most affordable, they are used for short-term and undemanding applications.

Polymer foils are significantly better than monomeric materials, and are suitable for medium-term external and long-term internal applications.

Cast foils are the queens among foils, as they are classified in the highest quality class of foil materials, as they do not shrink and adapt perfectly to the shape of the adhesive base.
Due to the thin and soft structure, their application is easier, you can use them for outdoor surfaces, they are durable even in the most demanding weather conditions. Take advantage of their potential and longevity.

Cast foil is used for the most extreme outdoor or indoor applications, and especially for graphic equipment of vehicles (cars, vans, buses, boats, yachts ...) and can be glued to flat and curved 3D surfaces.

If you want to turn your vehicle into an effective tool for promoting your business and consequently increase sales, open the Car graphics category.

Self-adhesive foils for glass surfaces

Self-adhesive transparent print foils are the most suitable for gluing glass surfaces, such as shop windows, showrooms, glass surfaces of vehicles, but of course they can also be glued to other smooth surfaces. The transparent foil lets in outside light and creates beautiful colors and patterns on the floor and walls in the room through printed graphics.

One-way vision is a perforated foil intended for gluing or decorating all glass surfaces. The foil is white on the front print side and the back side, which is glued to the base, is black. Due to material that is perforated, the foil reduces the intrusion of light and views into the interior of the room, while providing an unlimited view from the inside out.

When you need light cassette foil, choose a translucent foil that, for transparency, allows light to diffuse, allowing colors to truly come to life in all their contrasting tones.
Self-adhesive foil with the appearance of imitation sandblasted glass is intended for gluing on glass surfaces, where we want to prevent unwanted views, while not taking away light from the room. Typically, foil is used to decorate glasses with cutouts of various shapes, such as straight or winding lines, arbitrary geometric shapes, logos, inscriptions…

Self-adhesive foils for glass surfaces can additionally protect you from UV light with compatible matt or gloss lamination, thus extending the life of the foil.

Special foils

In our offer you will also be able to find so called special foils, which are intended primarily for gluing on very demanding surfaces.

Floor - walking stickers are intended for the decoration of floor walking surfaces and are suitable for advertising indoors, such as shopping malls, pharmacies, workshops, banks, public transport, and can also be used outdoors, namely on walking or driving surfaces, such as parking lots or sidewalks (asphalt, concrete, pavers ...). The floor stickers are laminated with anti-slip (certificate DIN 51130 and BS 7976-2: 2002), slightly structured, matt protective lamination foil.

Wall stickers for decorating wall surfaces indoors or outdoors. The foil with very strong (High tack) is suitable for application on very demanding flat surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, plastics, wood, metals, walls painted with latex paint, also the foil is suitable for gluing to industrial equipment outdoors, as are containers, caissons, trivision exterior panels, and on various building materials - facades such as brick, concrete, stone ...
Photo wallpapers - Wallcovering - quality self-adhesive structured materials, specially designed for printing photo wallpapers, with which you will definitely brighten up your living space. Quality printing with UV-gel technology without odor (GREENGUARD GOLD Certification) is suitable for gluing walls in public buildings such as kindergartens, schools, restaurants, offices, sports facilities, and at the same time the final product is extremely resistant to mechanical damage.

Reflective foils are special foils in which the structure of the material consists of a layer of microscopic glass beads of high optical quality that act as lenses, so this type of foil is visible both during the day and at night.

Write - erase self-adhesive foil is adapted for writing messages with school chalk, which can be easily erased. The foil can be cut to the desired dimension or shape and it is also possible to print it in white.

Adhesive-free foils

Static foil is intended for gluing to smooth, glass surfaces from outside or indoors. The special feature of static foil is that it does not need glue to adhere to the substrate, but "sticks" to the substrate with the help of electrostatics. This makes application very easy and fast, with no unwanted bubbles. Static foil can also be moved several times or peel off and reatached simply. The foil on the gluing surfaces does not leave traces of glue after use.

Magnetic print foil is intended for displaying temporary advertising messages on metal materials such as vehicles, metal racks in warehouses, shops, libraries, for equipping rooms with warning and safety signs, photo printing ... Installation of foil is quick and easy, it can be moved and reinstall.

Drytac Spot On® is a special foil that does not need glue for adhesion, but special silicone nano points which provide adhesion and ensures excellent adhesion to all smooth surfaces. The material was developed for the purposes of fast advertising campaigns in stores or at points of sale. Applying to the substrate is very fast and undemanding, so it can be easily done by any of the employees. The foil can be peeled off very easily, the surface stays clean, as the foil leaves no traces of glue on the base, and the foil can be re-applied later, which means that it can be used several times.

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