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Etikete in nalepke

Hiter in kvaliteten digitalni tisk samolepilnih materialov iz role ali iz pole. Etikete vam lahko dobavimo na rolah, na polah ali z izrezom na posamične etikete.

The largest selection of self-adhesive labels and stickers in one place - Demago Print!


We are sure that you have already found yourself in a situation where you needed one or another sticker or. labels, whether they be labels for a wine bottle, juices, a gift box of cookies, or a label for a glass of jam, to name a few.

You didn't have any problems with where you would stick the labels, the bigger problem arose when you had to decide between different options of materials, production and, last but not least, finishing.

At Demago Print we are aware of the importance of products from the segment of self-adhesive materials and we want to offer a professional and quality service in this area, so we constantly monitor and supplement hardware, printing materials, finishing machines, with which our service is always at the highest possible level and of course affordable.

As you already know, our business model is based on digital technologies that enable fast response time and are suitable for printing micro, small or medium editions, which means that our customers are mostly individuals or small companies.

Since it takes quite a bit of knowledge to choose the right product and we know that you do not have an expert in your company, we will try to describe both materials and technologies for printing and finishing self-adhesive materials in each of the categories.

We advise you to read a short description of printing technology, finishing and printing materials before buying, because based on this information you will quickly and easily choose the optimal label or sticker for your next project.

If you still have any questions, we are happy to be at your disposal by phone, e-mail or online help every working day between 8 am and 4 pm.

For printing self-adhesive materials, we use digital printers, which are basically divided into three groups, namely printers for printing labels from roll to roll (Roll to Roll), wide-format (LFP) printers for printing Vinyl foils from a roll (width up to 150 cm) and cut-sheet printers.


Roll labels


As the name suggests, in this case it is printed on materials for winding on a roll 33 cm wide. Because digital roll printing technology offers extremely high print quality, roll labels are suitable for gluing a wide variety of products, such as food, beverages, wines, juices, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals ... Labels are also indispensable in logistics, packaging , promotion, marketing ...

Once the material is printed, the process of punching to the desired dimension and rewinding the labels to the appropriate roll width follows. As it is a modular machine, the label can also be laminated or varnished, enriched with hot foil or partial varnish.

At the Demago Print printing house, we have two ways of stamping, namely the classic cut-out with a tool (Die-Cut), which is suitable for higher runs, and the digital cut-out (Cnc-Cut), which is affordable for lower runs. The advantage of Cnc cutting is definitely the ability to choose any dimension and shape of the label.

In our regular offer you will be able to choose from more than 700 free dimensions of diecutting tools, but if the desired dimension is not in the offer, we can also make a diecutting tool for an additional fee, and the cost of making the tool is approx. € 90 onwards.
Printing is possible on various self-adhesive materials, from plain coated paper to waterproof PE or PP foils in white or transparent version, slightly structured design papers for gluing wine bottles, and for most materials it is possible to choose different types of adhesives (permanent, removable, deep freeze ...).

The printing technology enables CMYK color printing, and in the case of printing on transparent materials, it is also possible to print with a white background color.

Labels on the roll are most often applied to products by machine, with the help of a machine - a labeller, but of course labels on products can also be glued by hand.

The Labels on a Roll (Cnc-Cut) group is a suitable choice for label runs from 100 pieces onwards, and the Labels on a Roll (Die Cut) group from a few 1000 pieces onwards or from approx. 5m² of material used.


Labels on sheet


In this case, it is a similar type of printing technology, except that the printing material is in sheets or sheets. Most materials are available in dimension SRA3 (320x450 mm). Sheet printing materials are basically divided into paper and synthetic materials. The cheapest material is definitely paper, which we choose when we stick labels on products that are not in contact with water.

Paper self-adhesive materials include white coated papers with a smooth matte or gloss surface, papers with a slightly structured surface in white or beige, and papers in vivid fluorescent colors to emphasize the message.

When you need waterproof labels, choose synthetic materials (PET). Synthetic materials (PET) are resistant to moisture, water, UV light, oils, temperature differences and can also be used outdoors.

Synthetic materials are available in white with a smooth matte or gloss surface, silver and transparent or. transparent colors and are basically more expensive than paper ones.

Both groups of materials (paper and synthetic) use a strong permanent adhesive for gluing.

Now that you are familiar with the materials for digital cut-sheet printing, you need to decide between two groups, namely the group Stickers on the poly (Cnc-Cut) and the group Stickers - standard shapes. The difference between the groups is in the way the material is cut and depends on the shape of the label.

Cutting with a cutter or guillotine, allows us to cut only straight lines, with the final shape of the sticker can be cut into a rectangle or square. Usually the final cropped formats are standard size labels (A4, A5, A6, A7 ...), but they can of course be cropped to other formats (50x70 mm, 82x93 mm, 45x45 mm ...). The minimum possible format for cutting with a guillotine is 30x30 mm.

When the shape of your label is not rectangular or square, then we are talking about a label of irregular or custom shape. Since guillotine trimming is not possible in this case, the labels are cut with a CNC cutting machine, which is computer-controlled and accurately cuts any shape, such as a circle, oval, triangle, hexagon, star ...

The CNC contour cutting technique is affordable for lower runs, as it eliminates the cost of making a punching tool. Because fabrication is significantly slower, a CNC cutout is consequently a more expensive choice.

Let us also mention that we can also offer you a section of stickers on the shelf with the help of a cutting machine (diecut). If you want this option, send us an inquiry.

In our offer you will also find affordable stickers on the A4 sheet - pre-cut. In this case, these are labels that are pre-cut on the A4 sheet and are suitable for printing addresses (addresses), declarations, for product labeling ...

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