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Durable and light textile materials are a great alternative to PVC materials!

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The choice of textile materials for advertising is on the rise.

The materials are lightweight, take up less space, have an ever longer service life, can be used indoors or outdoors and are a great alternative to PVC materials.

In Demago Print printing house we offer printing on three different textile materials or fabrics:

Samba textile - white, flexible and durable polyester material, intended for direct printing with a UV printer. The products are also suitable for outdoor advertising.

B1 textile - fireproof white textile with a certificate of non-flammability is intended for sublimation printing. The products are suitable for advertising and information indoors, such as fairs, conferences, shopping malls ...

Jetflag - a lightweight and durable tear-resistant fireproof fabric designed for printing with a sublimation printer. The material is intended for printing flags for outdoor or indoor use.

All the mentioned materials are printed from a roll, up to a maximum print width of 310 cm.

The printed material is cut to the desired dimension with a CNC digital cutter and sewn on the edges with a sewing machine.

For easier installation in the desired place, we also offer the option of rinking - we equip the product at the edges with aluminum rings (eyelets), we can sew connecting hinges - side A is sewn into the material, side B is on self-adhesive tape and glued to a suitable surface, we can sew silicone tape (SEG), which is intended for clamping in aluminum profiles, ...

Select the material, the desired confection or. finishing, send the design and expect the package in the agreed time!

"You need to know who to turn to when your needs are high for the XXL print!"


To increase brand awareness, outdoor advertising is an indispensable and very important part of visual communication with passers-by.

When you think of outdoor advertising, you probably first think of the huge billboards along the highway or on the facades of office buildings.

Sure, this way of advertising is very effective, but you should not forget about the other options, which of course are huge in your area.

Thanks to amazing printing solutions, you can address and attract your target audience, with the help of printed products on various materials.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to understand how you can increase the visibility of a company or brand by advertising outdoors.

Demago Print printing house offers a range of quality and affordable solutions for outdoor and indoor advertising. We print on the highest quality materials with various digital printing techniques, such as UV, Latex and sublimation printing.
In our offer you can choose posters of standard sizes, city light for light cassettes, jumbo posters printed on paper, UV resistant and waterproof banners, canvas printing on canvas, fine art print and textile materials, which are suitable for advertising and decoration indoors or outdoors (flags).

XXL large-format digital printing includes the printing of various printed materials in large format, so choose the product you need from the above offer and click on it to continue calculating the price of printing.

You will be able to easily purchase the product via the online application. Create attention and direct old and new customers to your company!

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