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Nalepke - posamične (formatni razrez)

Stickers cutted with guillotine into the desired dimensions. Stickers are delivered individually! Choose correct format and continue shopping online!

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Labels are information-printed media that we apply to the product's packaging to inform us of its contents.

Usually, the label also contains information about the product's ingredients, product handling, hazard warnings ...

Labels of the correct shapes are printed with a digital printer on a printing sheet of the SRA3 format and cut with the help of a cutting machine (guillotine) into the desired format of the correct shape, which can be a rectangle or a square.

The most common are the final formats of trimmed labels of standard dimensions, such as e.g. A4, A5, A6, A7 ..., but the way of trimming of course allows us to trim the labels to any - non-standard final format (eg 53x77 mm, 85x92 mm ...).

The minimum format of a sticker cut with a guillotine can be 30x30 mm!
You can choose from a variety of self-adhesive materials. First of all, it is on the one hand an affordable white self-adhesive paper with a matt or gloss surface and on the other hand a synthetic PP or PET material that is durable, resistant to water, moisture, UV light in basic white with a choice of matte or gloss surfaces.

In addition to the above, you can also choose silver or transparent or. transparent PET material or sophisticated, slightly structured self-adhesive material in two color tones (white or cream), which is a great choice for printing wine labels, as its structure contributes to the premium appearance of the final product.

For the more daring, there are also self-adhesive materials in fluorescent (Eye-catching) (green, yellow, red, pink, orange) colors, which are suitable for warning labels, for marking prices, discounts, important information ...

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