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Desk Flags

Great accessory for placing on a desk!

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Conferences, fairs, press conferences, open days, festivals are just some of the events where desk flags are a necessary part of the promotion of a company or offer.

They can also decorate the tables of your office, conference room or showroom.

They most often contain the company logo and slogan. They can also be printed on one side, but we recommend that you opt for double-sided printing.

We print desk flags on harder or thicker paper from 300 g / m2 onwards, usually in a standard format of 230x90 mm.

We are flexible in the format, which means that you can also choose a different format that suits you better.
At this point, it is only necessary to keep in mind that our PVC stands, on which the flags are hung, are adapted to the 230x90 mm format, so given that there is not much room for maneuver when deviating from the stated format.

Since desk flags are usually intended for use over a long period of time, we recommend that you also opt for lamination - matte or gloss.

Due to the protection, the flags will also be aesthetically more perfect and pleasing to the eye.

The desk flags can be enriched with 3D partial varnish.

In today's competitive business environment, taking care of a company's visibility is crucial!

We are convinced that with the products from the Office group, which your employees use daily in communication with customers, they must also contain the logo and the name of the company, regardless of whether you are a micro or medium-sized company.

With the advent of digital technology, it is also possible to print very low editions of office stationery such as envelopes, letterheads, writing pads, ...

Thus, with a low investment in printing, e.g. delivered to your customer, an invoice for the service or product in an envelope with your company logo.

If you need larger editions, we will of course print your office printing material with your logo in the classic offset technique.
So take advantage of the benefits and advantages of office stationery printing, as this way you strengthen the brand and visibility of your company. After all, you know that small details are very important in business.

Of course, as with all forms of marketing, your office stationery needs to be carefully designed to make a good impression with it. If you need help designing a logo or preparing it for printing, you can find a graphic designer in the E-Market application to help you with this.

Choose the product you need and place your order online, and we will do our best to ensure that the product is high quality and in line with your expectations.

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