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Super fast digital printing on standard or synthetic materials with the option of 3D UV spot varnishing. Select a group and move on!

Indispensable printed matter for the promotion of your company or event!


Flyers are certainly the most widely used printed matter. They serve for promotion at various events, conferences, festivals, concerts, events, open days and we could list more. They are the ideal tool when you want to spread information about your company, product or news.

Due to its variety of formats ranging from sizes A7 to A3, the possibilities are truly endless.

Standard flyers can be printed on one side or on both sides. Before printing, it is also necessary to decide on the weight and type of paper.

Both coated and uncoated papers and 100% recycled papers are available. Coated papers are made of matte or gloss, uncoated paper is white, suitable for printed materials that can be written on later with a ballpoint pen, while recycled paper is slightly yellowish and also allows writing with ballpoint pens.

If the flyers are printed in larger editions and are intended for a wider audience, we suggest choosing a lower grammage, such as. 115 or 130 g / m2 coating mat, which is also the most commonly chosen paper. In case your flyers are intended for a narrower crowd and you would like them to work more premium, then we suggest that you opt for higher paper weights, from 200-300 g / m2, preferably with the addition of plastic coating - matte, gloss or Soft touch. Lamination of flyers is possible from a weight of 170 g / m2 onwards!

In our offer you will also find a group of flyers called 3D UV spot and Monotex.

In the Flyers 3D UV spot group, flyers are available on coated papers, laminated with matte foil and, as the name suggests, are additionally partially printed with transparent 3D varnish. 3D UV partial varnishing is the application of a glossy varnish on a specific place with which we want to emphasize individual details on the printed matter (eg logo, slogan ...). In doing so, light is reflected differently from differently printed surfaces, thus enriching the appearance of the printed matter.

Flyers printed on synthetic materials (PP) are available in the Monotex group. The material is waterproof, stain resistant, non-tearing, and extremely durable. Optional in weights from 150g / m2 to 360g / m2.

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