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Folded flyers

Fast and high-quality printing on standard papers with the option of finishing with 3D partial varnish. Select a group and move on!

A very common marketing material that companies use for their promotion and presentations are leaflets!

As the name suggests, these are leaflets that have been transferred from a larger format to a smaller format. They can be stacked differently, once, twice or more. Thus we know several different joints, namely V, G, C and Z.

It is a machine folding, which means that the paper does not crack even in the case of color coverage.

A distinction must be made between folding and grooving. Grooving is required for papers from a weight of 170 g / m2 onwards, while papers of lower weights are folded.

The range of suitable folding papers is wide, as they can be printed on papers of lower weights from 90-130 g / m2, as well as thicker 170-300 g / m2.

You can choose from coated, as the most commonly selected papers, uncoated and recycled papers.

We can also plasticize the leaflets with gloss, matt or Soft touch plasticisation. This option is especially suitable in cases where the leaflet is intended for use over a long period of time and will not be used for universal sharing.

The only condition for lamination is the choice of paper from a weight of 170 g / m2 onwards. Plasticization of coating papers also makes the most sense. Uncoated and recycled papers lose their natural appearance through plastic coating. For the dot on the I, we can varnish the leaflet in the desired place with 3D gloss varnish. Believe me, the effects are fantastic!

Due to their attractiveness, leaflets often also contain photographic material, so they are printed in color in the CMYK color spectrum on both sides, as it makes sense to use the space available.

For larger runs, when offset printing is more suitable, it is also possible to print with additional Pantone colors.

This way you can provide as much interesting information as possible about your company, products, products, offer, event, and support it all with pictures and interesting graphics.

We are confident that such a leaflet will achieve its purpose of promotion.

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We can also print leaflets on creative - special papers.

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