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Katz Display board

Natural Eco friendly (plastic free) material, suitable for recycling!

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KATZ DISPLAY panels are an environmentally friendly material consisting of wood and starch mixed with water.

The material is PEFC certified, which means that the wood used to make the wood-based pulp material comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests.

KATZ DISPLAY boards are an environmentally friendly material and are a great alternative for the production of POS products, advertising boards for indoor use, puzzles, coaster bottles, bases for various board games ...

Today, when ecological, social responsibility has become a principle of the 21st century, point-of-sale solutions must be not only efficient and intelligent, but also sustainable.

The panels are light and stable, laminated with satin paper and are available in dimensions 122x244 cm, in a thickness of 2 mm or 5 mm.

The material provides excellent printing and digital CNC cutting of any shape.

Choose the thickness of the KATZ DISPLAY board and calculate the cost of printing for your next project!

Take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of direct UV printing on flat materials!

Despite the explosion of digital media, traditional advertising is still a popular way of advertising for good reason.

Advertising messages can be found virtually everywhere we move, along roads, on buses, in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, train and bus stations ...

UV digital plate printing is certainly one of the biggest technological achievements in the field of digital printing. With the technology, we can print directly on various flat materials, such as Forex, aluminum, plastic, plexiglass, metal, glass, cardboard, wood ...

Most of the materials are available in panels up to 300x200 cm, so you are not limited by your advertising message. With the printer, it is also possible to print on all other flat products, which are not higher than 10 cm.

Fortunately, the printing of billboards has recently become a favorable and cost-effective option for advertising and promotion of events, brand presentations, and the option of printing signs for guidance, labeling, nameplates, stands, small-batch packaging and many more is very useful. .

Demago Print printing house offers most of the materials that are suitable for direct UV printing.
On the one hand, these are waterproof materials that are intended for outdoor advertising, and on the other, materials that are intended for indoor use.

The technology can also be used for direct printing of promotional products, such as e.g. lighters, USB sticks, diaries, pens, while UV printing inks ensure incredible fingerprint durability.

In any case, the possibilities of UV printing are limitless and should be used for various purposes of advertising, decoration of living or business premises and promotion of your business or products.

Depending on the thickness of the boards and the different hardness of the materials, we offer you a very precise digital cutout with a CNC cutter in any shape you want for all materials.
It is also made of thicker materials such as e.g. Forex®, Stadur®, Kapa®, it is possible to create 3D inscriptions that can decorate the wall of your business premises or office.

Choose the material that is suitable for your new project, calculate the price of printing and send the file for printing, and we will take care of fast and quality printing.

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