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Razglednice - VDP (personalizacija)
Razglednice - VDP (personalizacija)

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Selected product: Postcard A6 - VDP: 148x105 mm (D18)
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3D UV Spot



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Postcard A6 - VDP: 148x105 mm (D18)


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Potrdite dimenzijo etikete!
Razglednice so majhni, potiskani kosi tršega kartona, ki se uporabljajo za kratko sporočanje po klasični pošti.

Na prvi strani razglednice je natisnjena fotografija ali grafika, zadnja stran pa je namenjena pisanju kratkih sporočil s pisalom.

Praviloma so razglednice tiskane obojestransko, na voluminozni premazno-nepremazni 350 g/m2 Board One karton, naslovna-prva stran, je pa po navadi plastificirana z gloss, mat ali soft-touch folijo.

Za piko na i, lahko izberete opcijo 3D parcialno lakiranje in poljubne elemente poudarite z reliefnim svetlečim lakom. V tem primeru je potrebno izbrati tudi plastificiranje z mat ali soft-touch folijo!

Nudimo vam tudi storitev personalizacije oz. tisk variabilnih podatkov iz Excel datoteke. Po navadi so to imena in priimki z naslovom in krajem... Pomoč
Opombe: datoteko za tisk (stran 1 in stran 2) pripravite na točen format in jo pošljite v enem PDF-ju!

Kadar gre za tisk v živi rob, ne pozabite na zahtevan 3 mm dodatek za porezavo - Bleed, varno območje - Margins, naj ne bo manjše od 5 mm!

Grafične elemente, ki jih želite lakirati, pošljite v Spot barvi z imenom Spot UV. Pomoč

Proper file preparation is crucial for quality printing! Follow these rules when creating a PDF file:

Prepare a PDF file for printing in graphics programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Quark X or Corel Draw! Always prepare the print file in the correct format (1:1), exept jumbo posters (1:10) and citylight posters (1:5).
Use raster images in a print file with sufficient resolution (dpi-dots per inch) to print business prints with a minimum of 250-300 dpi, ou can also use images with a resolution when printing in larger formats (XXL printing) from 100 dpi. Black texts or fonts smaller than 15 pt, create only from black (C = 0%, M = 0%, Y = 0%, K = 100% ), not from all four colors, because printing can be delayed in color registration. Font size should not be less than 6 pt. Export the fonts you use in the file to PDF with the embedded fonts function or convert them to curves. We recommend that you save the file using the PDF: X3 / 2002 standard. Vector lines or the lines should have a minimum thickness 0,25 pt or 0,1 mm.
When the print reaches the edge of the cut, the file format must be increased on each side by 3 mm! In this case, pull the design (colors, pictures…) out from the edge of the cut!
Graphic elements (fonts, logos, etc.) should be at least 3-5 mm or more away from the cut line.
The print file should also contain Crop Marks.
All graphic elements in the print file (images, color backgrounds, logos, fonts ...) should be in CMYK color space, but not in RGB. The exceptions are PANTONE colors, but whose printing is possible only in the offset technique, where Pantone color is printed as an additional color). When saving the file, use the FOGRA39 (ISO Coated v2) setting for paper and the FOGRA47 (PSO Uncoated ISO12647) setting for uncoated paper. If the file is sent in RGB color space, color differences may occur, for which, unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible! We recommend that you create a PDF file or save with standard PDF/X3:2002.
Please check the compliance of the print file again before sending the file to our server, as we cannot take responsibility for errors resulting from incorrect preparation!
You can download an empty template (AI, ID, PS) by clicking on one of the links. In the PDF file you will find short instructions for the product you are going to design!

Purchase products in online printing house Demago Print, allows quick and easy ordering of all types of printed matter with the possibility of delivery of products to your door. If you are making an online purchase for the first time and you do not have an answer to any question, we have prepared some of the most frequently asked questions for you:

Send us print file via the FTP form. The FTP form opens for you in the shopping process, in step 4. It is recommended that you submit the print file together with the order. You can send up to 15 files at a time via the FTP form.

To send files larger than 600 MB, you can also send us a file via Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google drive ...

If you want to submit the file later, you can do so by clicking on the FTP button (right on your monitor in the auxiliary navigation).

if you send the file later or the next day we have the right to change the date of production.

Purchasing online is easy. It takes place in 4 basic steps:

  1. Product selection
  2. Price calculation and choice of production date
  3. Shopping basket - delivery address and payment method
  4. FTP - upload files for printing

1. Product selection
ou can search for products in two different ways, namely in the main menu, where the products are arranged in groups, or with the help of a search engine in which you enter the product name.

2. Price calculation and production deadline
Once you have found the product, it needs to be configured on the price calculation subpage. Each product has a choice of options (paper weight, printing method, possible finishes ...). Once you have selected the options, select the desired edition or quantity of product. In the Production deadline when you need the product field, click on the Add to shopping basket button to continue the order.

3. Shopping basket
In the cart, you will have to choose the method of payment and delivery address in case you do not pick up the package at the company's headquarters.

4. FTP
As soon as you have completed the order, an FTP window will open where you can upload your files for printing. When the files are transferred to our server, you will receive a confirmation to your E-mail that the files have been successfully transferred.

You can see a more detailed description of the shopping process at this link: Ordering procedure »

You can cancel an online order, but if your ordered product has already been made, you are obliged to pay the amount of the order, even if you do not take it over.

Delivery by post is carried out through our contractual partner POŠTA SLOVENIJE. The cost of delivery-postage is calculated before the completion of the online order, so that after the payment you have no additional costs (except in the case of payment on delivery + the cost of Pošta Slovenije).

The price of delivery-postage depends on the weight of the package and is automatically calculated and added to the ordered products in the process of ordering the product.

Note: products of larger dimensions are delivered by our own transport. In this case, we will inform you in advance and coordinate the delivery date.

» Production deadline
All products in the online printing house have 3 different production dates, which you determine yourself in the shopping process. Date of manufacture or. the date of dispatch is the day on which the product is manufactured and delivered to the delivery service.
Delivery of packages is expected to take place in Slovenia on the next working day between 9.00 - 11.00, delivery to Croatia and Austria is expected to take 2-3 working days, and delivery to other EU countries can take up to 5 working days.

» Package tracking:

As soon as we have created your order, you will receive a notification on your E-mail that your order has been completed. You will also find a tracking number (CF) in the message, with which you can track your package (T&T) via the web application. (T&T). You can also find order information in the MY ACCOUNT tab.

the selected production date and delivery to your address is valid in the event that your order has been settled, if this is not the case, the delivery date may change.

Delivery can be extended in emergency situations (weather, New Year's holidays ...), which unfortunately we have no influence on and we do not take any responsibility for that!

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Payment by proforma invoice: as soon as you place an order, the web application automatically sends you a pro forma invoice in PDF format (attached) with payment information. You can make the payment via the online bank, at the bank or at the post office. When the payment of the pro forma invoice arrives on our account, the delivery process starts within the agreed deadline.

  • Cash On Delivery: the ordered goods are sent to you by post (Pošta Slovenije) and upon delivery you pay the full amount for the ordered goods. The costs of payment after collection are borne by the customer!

  • Payment in cash upon receipt: payment in cash upon receipt can be made at the company's headquarters in Maribor (Slovenia), where the purchase price is paid in full upon receipt of goods, during working hours from Mon-Fri, between 8.00 and 16.00 or by prior arrangement outside working hours.

  • Credit card: you can pay with MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express ... American Express...

  • Payment by PPA e-invoice: valid for budget users / public administration

  • Payment due: applies to companies that have a contract with us!

Note: Online payment is made through the Braintree system ( ).
All payment information is forwarded directly to the Payment Service Providers and further to the banks, so we never see this information and therefore do not have it stored in our database. All communication, both between customers and the system, takes place via secure channels created with 128-bit SSL technology, 3-D Secure.

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